April Issue
NITW Sentinel
April 01, 2019

By Syed Samad

International Day, conducted by the Forum for International Student Affairs (FISA), is an event that aims to bring together the vast cultures that our college hones. Along with celebrating the beauty of the different traditions and heritages, various musical and dance performances were highlighted during the event. Speeches of countries pertaining to NITW's international community were presented, and the popular Ramp Walk also took place, saluting fashion from all around the world. Student-based food stalls were also put-up championing diversity in food, like a non-alcoholic beverage, Saudi Champagne which was one of the popular choices of the evening.
Courtesy: Resident photographer, NMC


By Haneen Idrees Ahmed

Recently, NIT Warangal organized the All India Inter-NIT Athletics championship from 22nd to 24th of March, 2019. Students from NITs across the nation came and competed in a wide range of athletic events including races, discus throw, javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw, long and high jumps.

For three days, NITW witnessed a powerful and lively atmosphere in the stadium and courts. Here are some highlights from the convention:


Picture courtesy: Krishna Teja Gangisetti

By Prasun Parijat

The Civil Engineering Association (CEA) in collaboration with Photography Club (PGC) recently organized Urban Click, a civil-themed photography event which focused on the showcase of rapid urbanization in the current world through a photographer's perspective.

Based on popular likes and shares online, the winner was declared on 28th March, and Nandana Varma's click emerged as the top-dog. The picture described a busy road which was bursting with cars, jammed in traffic visually portraying our rapid and stagnant-paced lifestyle in urban cities.


By Roni Bhattacharya

The third edition of The NITW Football League is starting to take shape, and the talented players are firmly stamping their authority.

Kerala Blasters sit on top with ten points from four games, however Galacticos and Highlanders are right on their tail with two games in hand and six points to play for. It's been a surprisingly tough start for last year's runners-up, Spartans; they will require their first win to make any further progress.

The stand out performers so far have been Muhammed Jazeel and Dawood Munib, both earning four goals from all their matches played, and topping the goal-scoring charts.

With more matches left to be played, and fixtures coming in thick and fast, don't miss out on any of the action happening at the NITW stadium every evening under the floodlights. For further details and updates refer to the link below:

FB page

By Krupa Sreyasi Chandolu

The well-known student-run startup Kalam Notebooks, returned for their third distribution since their foundation. Pre-booked students were able to collect their notebooks from IG, and the distribution drive continued for two days starting from 29th March, 2019. Students also had the liberty to buy at the location through on-spot payments.

Kalam Notebooks successfully celebrated its first anniversary with its third lot in NITW campus. We sold more than 4.5k notebooks on our first day of sale within 3 hours." said co-founder, Anushreshth Chourey. We're always very grateful to NITW students for keeping their faith in us.

With their distribution drive completed, students may find it difficult to buy these minimally priced notebooks until further announcement.


Picture courtesy: The Kalam Team

By Krupa Sreyasi Chandolu

What happens when you mix art and nature? Ideas get boulder and the paint keeps rolling. Pebble Painting was one such event conducted by the Nature Club where students had the opportunity to test their artistic limits by using an extraordinary canvas, pebbles.

Conducted on 26th March, in the evening at NAB, it was amazing to watch a healthy turnout of students from all years cooped in a NAB classroom hard at work on their smooth-as-an-egg rocks. At the price of a simple registration consisting of sharing your personal details, students were bestowed with a row of paint colors, paper cup and brush.

Nature Club and Pebble Painting are chiseling the art scene in NITW to new heights.



By Krupa Sreyasi Chandolu

Temperatures in NITW are peaking with the conclusion of March. As the summer season is upon us, and winter does not appear to be coming any time soon, we advise students to keep the following tips in mind while battling this onslaught of heat:

  • Stay hydrated: Water water everywhere; nor any drop to drink! let your body become a rendition of your school-text-book poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Repeated hydration is optimal to let your body cool.

  • Frequent Baths: Not only do we become stinky and sweaty, but also irritable. Maybe spending some time under the shower taps is not a bad idea

  • Coolers in the rooms: For Rs. 340 until 15th of May, and Rs. 700 until 31st of July, students can now rent or buy coolers to keep in their rooms. However do ensure to clean the cooler-water at regular intervals to prevent stagnation, foul smell and mosquito breeding. Switching off the cooler before leaving the room is also necessary to avoid power failure and the curses of your hostel mates.



By Kaumudi Dande (3rd Year, B.Tech)


Heedless, he stepped on the wild bellflowers

And wondered why his heart twinged at that.

If only he looked at the picture in his coat pocket,

He'd know the purple ones were her favorite.


By Jayadeep Srikar (2nd Year, B.Tech)

Every man's desire is to look at least once in such a look. #AR
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