August Issue
NITW Sentinel
August 31, 2019

The LDC Lantern was conducted as a 2-part series on the 21st and 23rd of August this year. As part of the proceedings, the first 18 teams to complete the Treasure Hunt round went on to battle individually against rivals and companions alike. An assortment including various writing and debating tasks from 'Mix & Match' to Saving Souls in SOS were carried out. Their most exciting event yet was saved for the last; switching sides from a proponent to the contrary within the blink of an eye in 'Switch'.

Lantern '19, an adventure down the literary and debating lane ended with Rahul Khatav being chosen as the Winner of LDC Freshers’ otherwise abbreviated to their choice of acronym, WoLF.

FISA Freshers’

The international students of the 2019 batch came together yesterday to take part in the freshers event, which was organised by FISA. The event was conducted to let the fresh youngsters meet and get to know each other and also interact with their peers.

The session kicked off with a casual personal introduction followed by games and other team activities. Undeterred by the power cuts and with sparkling energy, the teams competed against each other with the youthful zeal and vigour. From pirates to pharaohs, from models to moon walks, the event was nothing short of amazing. It ended on a happy note with long-lasting memories. FISA has kickstarted with this successful event and promises to deliver more events for NITW this year.

Water, Water Everywhere Maybe A Drop To Drink Afterall!

After repeated complaints and quite a bit of commotion of our very own complaint post wall, the Students’ Council group Facebook saw the deliverance from our very own SC’s side through the thorough cleaning of the 1k water coolers. Promise has been made to follow up on the same regarding other coolers in the boys’ hostels.

Phase Of Minor-1 Descends The formula of Warangal weather has always been to bestow pleasant or cool showers during examinations – a time when one needs to slave away within the confines of their room. With the beginning of first year minors it is a reminder that the academic has truly begun.

FRESHERS’ NEWSLETTER Repost! Reminder! Repeat!

Calling all freshers’ to recollect the Sentinel: Freshers’ Edition, a collection of information needed by every first year from the experience point of view of a senior. You can access to this laid-back newsletter on our website using the link: Freshers' Newsletter.

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