March Issue
NITW Sentinel
March 03, 2019
Condolence meet

Students’ Council organized the Condolence Meet on the 15th of February, to pay respects to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Pulwama attack. A candlelight rally was organized with the support of the Director and the Registrar. The crowd started from the Admin Building and walked towards the Main Gate via the Auditorium route.

Responding to a query on the same, Meer Afroz, Academic Secretary, told us, "Being the son of a soldier, I can understand how painful the situation is for their families. I was surprised to see the number of students who had attended the candlelight rally, because being a Friday when many students prefer to go home, around 900 students have participated in the candle march. This shows that the students of our college have huge respect for the nation and love towards those who defend it. I feel that being engineers we should be able to do something which benefits the soldiers. It's the least we can do for those who sacrifice their lives so that we can have a sound sleep without worries."


INCEEE'19, the International Conference for New Frontiers in Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering was organized by the chemical engineering department on the 15th and 16th of February. The conference, held at NITW for the second time, aimed to instill in the students the ability to envision sustainability and development at the same front.

Held in the New Biology and Chemical Engineering Department Building, the event saw an enormous crowd of students and professionals for addresses by notable speakers from all over the the world. The papers and posters were evaluated, based on various thematic scenarios. As the evening bloomed, the talented student body took over. They illuminated the night with diverse and vibrant cultural performances which invoked patriotism and revelry.

In the words of Mr. Saswata Mondal, a participant, “The conference started with the lectures of renowned persona, Prof. Ibrahim Dincer and Prof. Jayanti. Their talk definitely struck an accord with me, instilling a drive within me to find out more about new development in energy sector. more about transposable elements and connect the dots to what I already know.

I would like to thank my mentor and the chemical engineering department for providing this opportunity.”

Sugirthana Shanmugam, the cultural coordinator for INCEEE ‘19 while talking to us expressed gratitude to all participants, who prepared and performed at such short a notice. She also conveyed her thanks to the faculty for giving an opportunity and providing the motivation to pull off such an event.


A seminar on 'Profile Building, Cracking Aptitude Exams and Scholarships' was conducted by Byju's on 20th February. Mr. PN Santosh, the co-founder of Byju's, offered the students his invaluable advice on choosing the right career path and discussed various educational opportunities available after graduation. He also offered tips on how to grow rapidly in a career, how to switch careers, etc.. He demonstrated effective methods that can help students now as well as throughout their career. Around 300 students who attended the seminar benefitted from his expertise.,br>

As Mr. Thaman Veer, SpringSpree Core and Organizer told us, “I loved their marketing strategy. I don’t know if any one of the audience noticed it, but the speaker never used the word Byju’s nor did he talk about their product. He kept the crowd active throughout for almost 2 hrs. And that’s not a simple task. We were lucky that we could interact with such a personality, who has cracked almost all exams which the undergraduate students aim for, with merit results.”

Comic Quiz

Quiz Club in collaboration with SpringSpree '19, organised The Comics Quiz on 19th February. The event started after paying a tribute to the MARVELous Stan Lee. Out of all the teams that participated in the prelims, seven moved on to the finals. Mr. Rohit Lonare and Mr. Pranag Reddy emerged victorious at the end of the finale. The quiz not only gave the participants a chance to test their knowledge while having fun, but also made them relive their childhood.
"We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm shown by the participants. This was reflected in the scores of the contenders, with the competition being fierce until the very last question,” told Rohini Vaideswaran, one of the organizers.
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