October Issue
NITW Sentinel
October 31, 2019
Dance Premier League

Dance premiere league is an annual tradition conducted by the Dance and Dramatics club and this academic year, it was held on 23rd and 24th October and had a participation of 4 teams. The event started at around 9:30 pm and went on for around two hours, entertaining an auditorium full of students. There were four categories in the competition- Solo, Gender Swap, Pair and Group dance. The points gained by each team were added up in all the categories and the winners are:

1st place : Team Eclipse

Runner up: Team Chain Breakers

Diya painting, Mehendi event and the rangoli eve

The Painting Club conducted Diya Painting event conducted on 23rd october and the venue was the evergreen Times square. It was the first event from the club this week.The event saw approximately 70 participating students. The winner receives a prize money of 1k.

Mehendi event,conducted on 25th october, was the second event by the club this week. More than 90 participants, including students as well as many faculty and their family members came to enjoy the event.The announcement of the winner who takes away 1 grand is still awaited.

Apart from these events which were open for the public, the members of the painting club also made a rangoli in front of the admin building on the Deepavali eve to celebrate the festival and increase the visual appeal of Times Square.


Beg Borrow Steal

Beg Borrow Steal event by ECE Association was one of a kind event, conducted on 25th October in Times Square and witnessed around 100 participants. The participants took some time out of their busy schedules to beg, borrow and steal a list of things assigned to them as fast as they can.

The winner of the event is:

Team Krish Satwik, Krishna Vamsi, Vignesh

Space Quiz

On 22nd October the Space Quiz was organized by Quiz Club in COOPS. The questions were based on spaced-themed trivia and facts. 40 people participated in the quiz, out of which 8 teams made it to the finals, which again challenged them with 3 rounds.The winners emerged are:

1st position: Pratham Tangri, Sri Hari Raju, Pranav

2nd position: Rohan Nema, Siddarth chintalapati, Kunal sharma

3rd position: Jauwaad Shams, Venkatesh, Priyansh


The Blackout Boon

The Blackout Boon conducted by technozion took place on the 21st of October. The blackout boon encompassed a 30 min black out throughout the entire campus and a candle rally. The key idea behind the blackout boon was to spread awareness about depleting resources and reduce our consumption of electricity.
Assembly Language Programming Session

The ECE Association conducted Assembly Language Programming Session successfully with the help of mentors, Ashish Rakesh, Rahul Prabhakar and Baidurjya Deka on 24th October in the ECE Department with around 25 students. The students got to learn the basics of assembly programming from scratch and got enough understanding on it from where they can take themselves to higher levels of expertise.

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