This Wednesday evening, I found myself strolling along the lazy lanes by Nescafé surrounded by couples left and right. Each couple that passed by, made the single me, go through a myriad of emotions. The streets were swarmed with PDA absorbed Romeos & Juliets of our college. Romance was definitely in the air tonight.

Right across the street, something caught my attention. Something different this time. Something stranger than the guy on one knee with a rose in both his hands or the two shadows sneaking to some alley behind the Audi.

It was something unusual, something beautiful, something simple yet so gripping. A persona wearing a bright green top with frills of darker shades which fit perfectly around her shoulders and matched with light blue pencil jeans stole my gaze. She was wearing the world’s sweetest expression, a bashful smile scarcely visible in the distance. The glare of the setting sun reflecting from her spectacles looked so scenic, that I lost myself in a flashback of an older magical time at a beach.

The gentle breeze playing with her loosely held hair made her become the Rapunzel to my active imagination. Her lips reminded me of fresh cherries, that my mom had once kept on the breakfast table, a token of some uncle who owned a farm. My heart skipped a few beats. So delicious they looked. Perhaps it was the work of the gentle strokes of some fruit flavored lipstick. The gap between the lips seemed waiting to be filled. And her eyes, there was some magic in them, one could just live one’s whole life looking deeply into them.

A voice calls, the image breaks, my imagination breaks, the cherries, the beach, the lips, Nescafé all fade away. I find myself in front of my desk in my dormitory. I nod my head in disbelief, run a hand through my messy hair as a mischievous smile sets on my face. The pages of my diary get inked one after the other as I write my very own best-selling novel ‘Dreams of a Shared Tomorrow’.

This is going to make me so popular. Girls have a thing for writers you see.

Author: Sathvik Reddy