SpringSpree is an important moment in all our lives at NIT Warangal. As the festival approaches, euphoria builds. Recently, we had the ‘Theme Release’. We decided to talk to various stakeholders about the current theme, and also asked them about their favorite theme till date. 
Here’s what they had to say:

Final years


Yashwanth Sanikommu


Last year, SpringSpree featured “Ekatva”- the feeling of unity, of togetherness. It showed us that even though India is a diverse and versatile country, everyone is still tied together because of this bond of unity. This time, Kala Kshtera represents how NIT Warangal  provides its students an opportunity to develop themselves in different types of art or “kala”. This time around, SpringSpree aims to celebrate each and every form of art.


Ramshetti Prashanth, 4/4 LAN Library and wifi secretary

In my opinion, the theme of SpringSpree 2019 is the best theme remembering the 64 forms of art which justify the objectives of SpringSpree NIT Warangal and its very meaningful and easily communicated theme indicating the land of arts.


Meer Afroz, SC Academic Secretary


Being related to art and culture forms, this theme in my opinion would surely add more traditional  flavour spiced up with the modern art forms to our cultural fest Springspree. Moreover I’m looking forward to see the ‘Shetras’ that our spree team are going to put forward and I am confident that this year’s spree is going to be a memorable one for all the participants as well as our students. It’s the best theme so far in my 4 years of my study in NIT.


Narendra Reddy, TZ’18 Stuco


Theme is always face of the fest. Kala Kshetra,the land of arts, suits our Institute community which has 20+ clubs encouraging various fields of arts. In recent times, many of the arts are on the verge of extinction. I think this is the best theme in my 4 years followed by our 2017 theme Reminisce. I would like to thank the Spring Spree 2019 team for selecting such a diversified theme, encouraging arts in our culture.  


Somesh Kumar, TZ’18 ECC Core


The theme is the first thing that influences public perception in general and this year’s team has done a wonderful job in selecting such a theme to which the college students can connect easily. It will give them the freedom to explore the various facets of culture and art forms.

Surely Kala Kshetra is among the better themes but I would go with Reminisce just because I could connect with it easily and felt it to be more specific. Being a 90s child, that year’s Spree brought nostalgia in terms of the events conducted and decorations incorporated.


Akhil Reddy Kalva, TZ’18 Publicity Core

With Kala Kshetra as the theme, we’re promoting all arts, cultures and traditions which is a good thing. This theme is a reflection of the diverse cultures at NIT Warangal.
Reminisce is the best theme in my four years.


Paritosh Bailung, Music Club GenSec

To be honest, themes of both TZ and Spree lack originality. They just work around an already established theme, trying different variations.
I felt the theme of SpringSpree ’16 was kinda unique (The Silver Screen).

Shashwat Shukla, Btech 4/4

It’s a good thing that it’s a celebration of Indian arts and culture. But I also feel it’s kinda generic.
Reminisce is the best theme.

Arbaaz Sheikh, Spree’18 QCM Core

Given that Spree is a national level cultural festival, a theme that celebrates culture in our country is definitely appropriate. Considering the sentiment of going with what Kala Kshetra stands for, this year’s theme is fitting. I just think that it’s a little more abstract than we are used to and also slightly infringing upon the Foundation rather than its idea of the preservation of traditional values.

It’s almost impossible to “compare” the themes across different editions of the fest because each of them is meant to be fresh and explorative enough to give a new perspective as part of a vistas. Having said that, my personal favourite is the theme of SpringSpree 2016 – “The Silver Screen”.


Dhanishta Sudhakar, Spree ‘18 QCM Core


For a cultural fest taking place in a country as vibrant and diverse as India, SpringSpree’19 has been aptly themed KALA KSHETRA. Delving into the intricacies of EKATVA I believe this years fest will celebrate and impart knowledge on the varied art forms that this country has to offer. The best theme? I’d say EKATVA! My favourite theme though would be REMINISCE.


Third Years


Vineeth Bonthala, ¾ Btech Civil


Same old stuff. Different set of words

Ekatva was better.


Abhishek Garg, ¾ Btech EEE


The theme is kinda redundant. SpringSpree by itself is an arena of arts. A theme should be unique and something all events can relate to. Hence, Ekatva was a better theme.


Aabhaas Dasgupta, ¾ Btech CSE


I hope the theme is more of Kala and less of Kshetra.

Reminisce was the best theme.


Tayyaba Shaikh, ¾ B.Tech, Biotech


It truly highlights what a cultural fest should revolve around. We’re celebrating art and culture which makes it my favourite theme so far.


2nd Years


Sourab Saju, 2/4 EEE


The theme sounds cools, like a place where art comes to life or a place where artists come together to showcase their art forms. I cannot judge the theme yet cause I’ve only experienced one spree and ekatva was better


Srikala, 2/4 Chemical


Well, the theme is good. But doesn’t sound to me like something new. It sounds like ekatva 2.0.


Nitin Bhatia, 2/4 Mechanical


This year theme seems more suitable and apt for a cultural fest. Ekatva sounded more like a social theme, to try and bring about social cause but the events said otherwise.


Aditya Nittala. 2/4 B.Tech CSE


This year’s “theme” is more of a theme than last year’s. Even though it’s sort of a generic one, I’m excited to see what’s in store..


Aswin Ganesan 2/4 B.Tech CSE


The theme for this Spree is a standing testament to the institute’s ideologies as a whole: A platform that presents a potpourri of diverse expressions of art through engineering. This year’s spree fills me with great anticipation because of the theme and everything that can be done with it!


First Years


Ritika Paliwal ¼ Btech


SpringSpree is a platform where every artist and their art form is admired and appreciated. I feel that the theme ‘Kala Kshetra’ is perfect as it reflects the same.


Tanvi Shekhar ¼ Btech


Judicious choice of theme. It’s virtuous and radiates raw energy giving out perfect cultural fest vibes!


Bipin, ¼ B.Tech


Both ekatva and kala khsetra stand good in their respective domains. I don’t know how well it was executed, but ekatva is much more moving and inspiring is what I feel.


Shreyas, ¼ B.Tech


This year’s theme is great but last year’s theme was not bad either because it supported the very idea of unity, depicting teamwork.


Munazzah, ¼ B.Tech


‘Kala kshetra’. One title which speaks volumes about the most awaited springspree. Sums up the cultural fest profoundly. Good theme.


Yasir, ¼ B.Tech


The theme is alright. Many people don’t understand the meaning of such rarely used words.