In this installment, we will be looking at the Literary and Debating Club (LDC), Quiz Club (QC), Photography Club (PGC), Filmmaking Club & the Film Committee.

While the former duo provide a safe haven for individuals to read, write, orate & improve upon their train of thought, the latter trio give them the opportunity to be creative with media and different technologies, and so the heart of these clubs is Communication and Creativity. 

Literary and Debating Club

Formed in 2008, LDC provides a platform for literary growth and healthy discussions. It inculcates a debating culture across three languages- English, Hindi and Telugu. In LDC, work is done by all years and decisions are taken collectively. They hold numerous debate sessions and writing events. First years gather content and along with the second years, coordinate all events while getting mentored by the seniors. A typical event comprises pitching the idea, discussion, finalizing the rounds and setup, task segmentation, various meetups and finally, event presentation. 

Selection into the club spans across a series of different rounds where writing and debating skills are tested. It includes checking for interest in the language as well as being a team player. Some of the major events of LDC are Youth Parliament, Online Comprehension, Formal Debate, NITMUN, Bollywood Trivia, Yaariyan, Rangasthalam, Manalo mana mata and Vyasa rachana. As LDC shifts online, various events such as Pictionary with Odyssey: A book hunt, Vaad-Vivaad Pratiyogita and Tika maka have been organised to engage the student fraternity.

Quiz Club

Concretely shaped around 2014-15, Quiz Club aims to inculcate a culture of enthusiasm and curiosity. Over 20 quizzes are conducted every year from a wide variety of topics like politics, sports, current affairs, movies etc. Some of their popular events are EOTY (End of the year) Quiz, Viral Quiz, and numerous fandom quizzes like GOT, Harry Potter and FRIENDS. They also host the SpringSpree Spotlight event- QFACTOR and TZ event- KBC. They actively take part in external competitions as well. All the quiz topics and tentative dates are decided at the beginning of the academic year. Every member takes up 5-7 quizzes annually. The organizing committee of an event begins preparation a few weeks before the event. They take complete responsibility from making questions, publicity to hosting. 

First years learn how to quiz and conduct events. Second years assist them. Third years handle most of the planning and execution while final years take up the role of mentors. Selection is based on interest, enthusiasm and quizzing aptitude. For seniors, being experienced in quizzing and hosting is an added bonus. Online quizzing has been challenging as well as rewarding. During lockdown, they hosted an inter-college quiz fest which saw participation from 30 IITs, NITs and other colleges. People can take part from the comfort of their homes but being able to look up answers has prompted the need for better questions.

Photography Club

‘Everyone has a camera, but not everyone’s a photographer.’

With their ardent love for clicking pictures and meeting new people in the process, Photography Club has long been a mainstay of our college. They capture beautiful moments and cover various events; publishing the photos online. They conduct a short film and a photography contest during ‘Youthfest’. They also conduct an event during freshers’, theme related photography contests and occasional workshops on photography or editing. 

During events, they split themselves into two groups – Photographers & Editors. The editors edit the pieces captured by the photographers. The GenSec and AdSecs do the brunt of the work while the juniors get to know their way around the lens and hone their skills. While selecting candidates, they look for an eagerness to hold the camera and click pictures. Given that a photographer’s canvas is the natural outdoors, this pandemic isn’t doing them any favours. Nevertheless, they are curating some ideas, focusing on online events and inhouse workshops for the members of the club.

Filmmaking Club

Initiated in 2007, Filmmaking Club is a proud family of nearly 60 members, passionate about everything film-related. They aim to provide a platform to ignite and enhance the skills of those willing to pursue a life in film. They’ve shot several short films inside the campus and conducted editing workshops as well. Moreover, they conduct a 3 hour long filmmaking workshop each year. They recruit students from years 1 through 3 and brief them on what the essence of filmmaking is, through their experiences and projects. The 4th years manage the club in terms of operations. In this online mode, they plan to conduct virtual video editing and script writing workshops. Their main goal is to represent our college in various filmmaking competitions in different institutes. As they say, ‘Picture Abhi Baaki hai mere Dost’.  

Film Committee

These guys are the major stress busters of our college. Film Committee screen movies every Friday and Saturday in our Auditorium, providing wholesome entertainment. They also conduct events like Movie hunts, Pictionary etc. during Technozion & Spring Spree. Screening these movies isn’t a piece of cake. They first choose the movie; either internally or through public opinion. Then permission is taken from the FacAd for the movie in question. Finally, they make sure the downloadable print is available, either online or with Qube members. They use their laptops and Qube equipment to screen the movies. The FacAd & Club head interviews and selects the Executive body. They look for applicants interested in and having a good knowledge about movies and skills relevant to editing and content writing. While they don’t normally take first years, they do make exceptions for those really interested. As of this semester, it doesn’t look like they can resume operations but come the next offline sem, they can’t wait to put a smile on our faces.