In this edition, we’ll be looking at the clubs that strive to create awareness on Health, Nature, Space and Moral Values. This edition will feature Food & Health Club, Fitness Club, Value Education Club, Nature Club and Astronomy Club.

Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club aims to promote knowledge about astronomy and the universe. They satisfy the curiosity of students about the astroworld. They make their events innovative and informative. Some of their events are Astromania (Quiz event), technical events related to alienation, astrophotography and astronomy related paintings, making sundials and constellations with pipe cleaners, informative sessions and webinars. A team containing a member from each year is created for an event. Executive members focus on getting familiar with the learning process. JointSecs and AdSecs guide them and handle event management. Selection is based on curiosity and determination to learn. Certain technical skills like design, writing and event management are expected from seniors. This online semester, they have introduced contests for Astrophotography, and events like Astroquiz and Technical Facts. 

Fitness Club

The newest member of the Clubs fraternity in NITW, Fitness Club, having been launched this year aims to highlight the importance of fitness and good health in our lives. As it’s only been a few days since their formation, they haven’t conducted any events yet, but are gearing up to conduct many as time progresses. They have divided themselves into several subgroups such as Social media, Poster designing, Write-up etc. to ensure better work-rate. Inclusion into the club is taken care of by the Professor in-charge. They look for people who want to prove themselves and make a change in other’s lives in terms of fitness.

Food & Health Club       

Food & Health Club strives to create awareness about various food cuisines belonging to India and around the world. They also help students to take informed decisions about their food choices and their overall physical and mental well being. The club, having been formed just over a year ago conducted a wide range of events ranging from Food Stalls to a Blood Donation Camp in association with other clubs as well as Student Council; conducting Food Quizzes and even hosting a Duathlon consisting of cycling and running. They conduct biweekly meetings amongst themselves and brainstorm ideas for new events.

For those events finalized, the AdSecs are given the responsibility of bringing them to life, while the JointSecs and Executive Members actively participate in poster designing, publicity, etc. The GenSecs guide everyone and coordinate everything, like taking care of budget approvals and necessary permissions. Selection of members into the club is done by the FacAd through an interview looking at the interest and passion towards various aspects of Food and Health. Individuals having talent in media editing and content writing are also welcomed. While it has been tough this online semester, they are actively conducting weekly puzzle series, quizzes and many more interesting events like food photography.

Nature Club

Nature Club’s main motto is to spread awareness about conservation of nature among the student community. They provide a platform for students to explore their love for nature. Their major events include Floral Rangoli, Plastic exchange, Trekking, Webinars and Green India. Club members come up with creative ideas which are then finalised through meetings and discussions. Work is distributed based on individual abilities. The FacAd selects the GenSec, AdSecs and JointSecs while Executive Members are selected by them. First and second years handle curation, event conduction and publicity. Seniors assist and guide them. They have shifted their activities online through zoom meetings and google meets.

Value Education Club

Newly formed in 2019, Value Education Club promotes education keeping values and ethics in mind. Their vision is to inculcate social and moral values within the student community. They help develop one’s personality in various aspects. They teach emotional control, ethical practices and interfacing spirituality with education for moral excellence. They conduct activities to promote student involvement in the introspection of issues having moral and ethical relevance. They deal with a wide variety of socially significant themes through creative approaches and activities. Their major events of 2019 were Group Debate, Aarambh (Fresher’s event), TriviadorWorld, Video Making contest, CookBook and Naitik. They look for straight-forwardness and time management skills in their applicants. Selection into the club, activities and sessions have shifted online this semester.