In this edition, we’ll be looking at clubs that are inherently ‘fun’ while still teaching you a thing or two. They are Painting Club, Anime & Comics Club, Science & Hobbies Club and Forum for International Student Affairs (FISA).

Anime & Comics Club

Anime & Comics Club was formed last year to showcase literature, culture, music and art through the line of Anime, Comics and Manga. They may seem venturesome, but those risks led to conduction of unique events ranging from Scavenger hunts to Pokemon Go Tournaments, from Digital drawing workshops to hosting ‘Kuizu’s. This year, they have taken a dive at Anime Music Videos(AMVs) & Digital Drawing creations. Moreover, they aim to one day conduct a mini version of Comic-Con in the institute. The club is split up into smaller teams based on skills and interests: digital arts and video editing, sketching and design, event conduction and planning & quiz and fan-fiction.

JointSecs & Executive members are given the responsibility of managing the events, and the GenSec and AdSecs lead the teams. The Executive members also take this opportunity to work on a particular skill they are interested in. The GenSec and AdSecs are selected through interview by the FacAd and they in turn, select the rest of the members upon seeing their skills and enthusiasm to learn more. They have taken the challenge of the online sem head-on and have come up with a structured event plan for the academic year. They hold regular in-house meetings to make sure everything is on track. As they reiterate ever so often, “It doesn’t matter if it’s an offline or online sem, our goal remains the same, to spread the awareness of art and creativity through anime and manga as our medium.”

Forum for International Student Affairs (FISA)

Founded a few years ago to help international students find a community and showcase their interests, FISA takes pride in the diversity of its members and the personality development it provides. At an institute of national importance such as NITW, it becomes extremely important to cater to the needs of all kinds of students. FISA has members from DASA, MEA and ICCR. The students regularly organize several events which showcase different ethnicities and cultures from around the world. They have group meetings to plan and assign duties to the members, a few weeks or months prior to an event. The different departments include event conduction, event curation, logistics, publicity, design and social media. Selection is based on one’s contribution to the progress of the club. Some of their major events include Halloween Night, International Week, talent competitions and seminars. Despite most of their club’s highlight events being interaction-based, they look forward to moving ahead with well thought out ideas. 

Painting Club

Painting Club aims at encouraging and enhancing art, discovering new talents and sowing the seeds of artistic zest in students. Some of their events include diya painting, rangoli making, mehandi design, face painting, finger painting, kite making, sand art and origami making. Conducting an event comprises appointing an event manager, choosing an event relevant to the occasion, giving it a catchy name, designing the poster, coming up with a write-up and finally, publicizing it. Selection into the club requires being good at some kind of art and the willingness to learn and give adequate time to the club. Additional secretaries head different departments like design, content writing, management and publicity. They assign work to the joint secretaries and executive members. Everyone works together to make an event successful. The online semester saw them conducting workshops for the first time. They are also holding a year long event where they post artwork collected from students and art facts on their Instagram page.           

Science & Hobbies Club

Formed in the year 2011 by the alumni of that year, Science & Hobbies club wishes to make Science a hobby, and not just a subject we learn in class. They conducted many events such as Lantern Making, Chalk Sketching during Spring Spree, Mathematical Tambola during Tz, Treasure Hunts and Science Fiestas. They also conducted ‘Science Week’ which included celebrating Science Day on 28th February. Moreover, they perform science experiments and explain their working during fests. Their focus is on revamping these ideas for subsequent years. 

They divide themselves into 7 departments: Logistics and Event Permissions, Publicity and Event Monitoring, Poster Designing, Blog, Event Conduction, Event Planning and Weekly Science Facts. Each department contains an equal number of Executive members, AdSecs and JointSecs based on their abilities and interests. The work of the respective department is monitored by the respective AdSecs who are in turn monitored by the GenSecs. For the current year, they have conducted interviews online. They mainly look for zeal in the candidate, creative thinking and their contribution to the club if they were a member of the club beforehand.