Of the many memories that students take away from their time at college, extra-curricular activities form a huge part. Clubs and associations help people hone their skills and talents, and more importantly, help them develop a bond with their peers and seniors that would last a lifetime. 

Therefore, NMC has taken upon itself to take a deeper look into what makes these clubs stand out and inform you about what happens behind the scenes. We will start out the series with the first part being completely dedicated to the music and dance clubs. 

Dance Clubs 

“Life is better when you dance.” 

Formed to provide solace to people who can’t seem to stand still, Dance and Dramatics Club (DnD) aims to entertain the audience with their moves. Team Tres Iconic, Tempest Crew and UNIQ, formed as teams under DnD, have their own individual styles. While actual practice begins a week or two before an event, Team Tres Iconic generally practices on the weekends. Tempest and UNIQ practice 2 to 3 hours daily, extending upto 7-8 hours for major events and external competitions. During exams, UNIQ members try to sneak in a bit of study time between practice hours. Time management then becomes crucial. Choreography in Tempest is headed by anyone capable, irrespective of the year. They also conduct regular workshops for interested students. In UNIQ and Team Tres Iconic, final and third years take charge of choreography and off-stage work while second years help. First years in all the clubs are given time to adapt to the working of the club.

DnD organises events monthly- Audi Nights, Thematic Night, Prom Night, TZ Night and the coveted Dance Premier League & Zero G. The dance teams participate in these events as well. Around 70-80 members from all years are chosen into DnD. The audition round is judged by the GenSec along with the AdSecs. They are in turn selected by the FacAd. Auditions span around week or two. First, a small choreography has to be prepared. Then they are tested on their ability to pick up choreography. They observe style, versatility and body language. However, the decision is taken collectively. This year the recruitment process will take place online. DnD plans to conduct online dance competitions and workshops this semester.

Music Club

Formed to provide a platform for the musically talented, Music Club aims to keep the tunes rolling. Practice is usually down to personal preference. A final run-through takes place before an event. Finally, it boils down to the sound, which decides the fate of that song. The seniors take more of a managerial role and they make sure everything from permissions to sound checks are on point. The juniors spend time mastering their craft and getting to know the club better. Balancing academics & practice often comes down to the availability of equipment. Acoustic Lounges, TEDxNITW, Spree Unplugged & Open Air are some of the many events they perform in every year. They accept auditions from students of all years. They have a 2 week audition period, garnering around 150 registrations every year. They’re coming up with new ideas to keep us entertained this online semester.