The heavily anticipated INK Makeathon 2018 was conducted on Saturday, October 6th by Innovation Garage NITW along with INK Makers, Bangalore on a much larger scale than the previous edition. The 24-hr long event has been a consistent platform provider to all the passionate students out there who seek a weekend filled with innovation and creativity. The participants also got an opportunity to meet the enthusiastic entrepreneurs and industrial experts who assisted them in making products or services with an eye on driving change .


The event comprised of students coming forth and choosing a problem to solve, and then building a working prototype/solution for the same. With repeated sessions of ideations, brainstorming, late-night generation of ideas fuelled by coffee and food, students tried to solve the challenging problems around them.

This year’s theme for the makeathon was “Build for Change”. A lot of emphasis was given on the practical projects which could help in bringing betterment of as many people as possible. Also, it was preferred to have hardware based solutions in the projects to make them more useful.

The teams were judged and mentored by a panel of highly competent judges and mentors.

Devi Murthy, Founder and CEO at Simple Farm Solutions He left a lucrative career at Ashok Leyland to create working solutions for small farmers using technology. Lakshmi Pratury, CEO, INK Makers, was the Guest Speaker for the event who inspired all the students with her ideas about startups.

Dr Anthony Vipin Das, a TED Fellow, gave an interesting talk about the role of technology in the medical sciences and the importance of interdisciplinary technology.

More than a hundred teams participated in the event with a total strength of around 400 students. There were several fascinating ideas, and after careful deliberation, the judges selected the top 3 teams.


  • The results of INK Makeathon 2018 were announced on October 26th. The following teams were selected to represent the college in the national round of INK Makeathon.

  • Team TechBusters bagged the first prize by building an IoT project which recognizes American Sign Language as gestures and converts it into English text.


  • Team AlphaCube attained the second position by working on a brilliant project of  Machine Learning on crime statistics in a city to determine the safest walking path between two points.

  • Team Formulators got the third prize by building a duster which cleans the blackboard and simultaneously collects the chalk dust which would be later on recycled into a new chalk piece.


There were two special mentions-

Team Armature for their work on a robotic arm which records a video of an action and performs a task repeatedly.

Team Automation for building a device to control all the room appliances.