Upon perusal, you may have come across a multitude of different technical initiatives by students, but few have risen through the ranks like Team Tejas has. Team Tejas is out to prove themselves as one of the pioneers in the field of Electric Vehicles in NITW.

The idea of making an Electric vehicle was circulating in our minds for quite some time. It started because of the fascinating work done by Tesla in the Automobile Industry. Participating in a competition was not our goal and still isn’t. It’s our foot in the door in the electric vehicle industry,” said Manjeet Singh, the team manager.

The team in its early days consisted of three then second-year students: Vikash Tiwari, Manjeet Singh and Ketul Mehta, who were determined to make NITW’s first all-electric vehicle. Hence, their journey began in January 2018 under the tutelage of Prof. M. Sydulu. The team now consists of fourteen members who will represent NITW in EGKDC (Electric Go Kart Design Challenge) conducted by ISNEE India between 22nd and 28th February 2019.

“We faced many challenges at every step of the way. We did in-depth research on motors, drive mechanisms and market availability, especially in India. Then there was the battery, the cost of which was a major setback for us. Apart from this we faced several challenges pertaining to the design, speed, controls and automation to name a few. But we brainstormed and figured out solutions to them as a team,” reflected Vikas Tiwari, the team captain.

As far as moments of joy go, Team Tejas has had plenty in this year long ride. Manjeet Singh looks back fondly to when his idea became a reality. “When we ran the Kart for the very first time in this winter vacation, that feeling was worth the year long hard work of the team and we are really proud of it.”

But now, Team Tejas needs the support of the NITW community. The cost of the car, the accompanying logistics, and the races do stack up and are a significant burden for the team. Vikas Tiwary and his team have worked extremely hard to reach where they are and need just one final push to catapult them over the finish line. A small donation from your side could be the difference between participating and winning.

The crowdfunding links and donation methods are as follows:

Paytm, PhonePay, Google Pay

8317507478- Manjeet Singh